To Ship Owner




Dear Sirs and Madams,

We’d like to introduce our company to you. 

    The crewing company “VOSTOK-SERVICE LLC”   was founded in 2011 and has National  License ¹ 201131521232. Quality of our Management System is as per ISO 9001:2008. We are also approved by Russian Maritime Register in part of MLC-2006 .

      The main office is located in Nizhniy Novgorod (Russia) and our main partner "VOSTOK-SERVICE UKR" in Nikolaev(Ukraine).As you know there is the High Marine Academy in Nizhniy Novgorod and presently it numbers around 3000 well-qualified seamen with good experience on different types of vessels in our region. All our staff speak English fluently and everybody has Higher Marine Education as well.

      The VOSTOK-SERVICE LLC aimed at providing the highest quality of sea service. That's why before proposing our candidates to ship owners we apply to them the thorough selection system including documents' check, qualification check, an English testing and taking reference from the companies seafarers previously have worked for.  

General requirements for all seafarers:

* Qualified in accordance with the requirements of STCW 1978/1995
* proficient in English
including passing Marlins Test with approved Certificate

* Test CES 4.1 as per requirement rank
* medically fit
* duly trained and experienced to operate assigned vessels

The documents required:

* Reference (or any other documents from your previous employer, attesting to your
recent experience)
* Seaman's Book / Passport
* Civil Passport / International Passport

For Officers -

* National License and endorsement (it should be valid at least for next 12 months
from date of application).
* STCW - 95 certificates (Medical aid, survival techniques, fire fighting, etc.)
* Medical Book with International certificate enclosed
* Vaccination certificates - yellow fever, cholera
* GMDSS (for deck officers)
* ARPA & Radar training certificate (for deck officers)
* Tankerman or LPG certificate / endorsement - for specific vessels

For Ratings -

* AB, Motorman or Electrician certificate.

        Our main area is the provision of partial and full crew manning including execution of documents required for different types of seagoing vessels such as Bulk Carrier, Container ,MPP , Off-shore and Tanker fleet . Now we are cooperating successfully with many Shipping Companies/Agencies from Cyprus, Singapore, Germany and Norway that are totally satisfied with our service. We make sure that every position is filled with well-qualified personnel meeting all the standards and requirements you define.


     Yours faithfully, 

    Capt. Ignatev Sergey /  Managing Director of VOSTOK-SERVICE LLC.